a Day in a Lifetime

Dear Friends,

Experiencing the joy in life is something we all strive to accomplish, especially during the holiday season. I encourage you to watch this short story about one of our most extraordinary volunteers, Ms. Rita Wagner. As you will learn, for Rita and her two therapy dogs, Widget and Joey, joy is something they create every day. We hope you will be as inspired by Rita's commitment to our Lifetime Assistance family as we are.

James Branciforte,
President & CEO

about Lifetime Assistance

Lifetime Assistance Inc. has been a community leader serving children and adults with developmental disabilities for over 35 years. While our goal is to foster independence, self-reliance and respect for individuals with disabilities, we achieve this goal through a vision to help each person reach their full potential and realize the opportunities of a lifetime.

To accomplish this objective Lifetime Assistance is continually developing partnerships with organizations to support and improve the quality of life for all.